Rohit Thakur

My Name is Rohit Thakur. An Online Entrepreneur, working in this industry for the last four years. I have built my business around other aspiring marketer’s need so that I can serve them as much as possible. 
I help my clients to start and grow their businesses with my technical skills to build websites, design marketing funnels and run advertising campaigns. 

My team and I take over the technical side of the business, so our clients don’t have to. It helps them to stay focused on growing the business, not just running the business. To automate our customers business is my Ultimate Goal so that they have can the Passive Income and Internet Lifestyle.

Back in the days when I was struggling, I met few incredibly generous marketers show up and help me to build my online business.

Now I want to give back by helping You.

My Story

To be honest, I never thought I would ever have my own business. After school when I joined Engineering college, I planned to study hard, complete my engineering degree and get an excellent safe job in some software company. The next two years in college didn’t go as I thought it would. My results were poor, and I lacked behind in almost everything (except sports). Without a shadow of a doubt I knew this is NOT going to work for me, and to create the life and the results I always aspired to, would mean doing something unique…

In my spare time, I joined programming classes and started to look for online courses to learn more about building websites. While browsing the web one day I stumbled upon a web page from Sean Donahoe who was selling his course Extreme Niche Empire. Inside he promised lots of different things (like many other courses do) however, as I was keen to learn, I bought it immediately, and it proved to be an excellent course.

That’s where I learned about creating WordPress websites and online marketing.. but success was still far away!

I kept on trying lots of things at the time, and after eight months of trial and error I created my first ever product and decided to launch it at the Warrior Forum. I wasn’t even sure if this would work. But instead, I ended up making $800 in a few days (which as your first paycheque online isn’t that bad huh) and was on my way to becoming a full-time Internet Marketer!

From that day I never looked back. Soon after the launch, I met Anwesh Rath who eventually became my Mentor. Anwesh Rath is an Email Marketing Expert who took me under his wing and taught me everything I needed to know about marketing. Since then, I have partnered with Anwesh, along with many other successful marketers on multiple 5-figure product launches!

My bad results in college may have led me to this business, but I can easily say that it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t have a job to keep me under a frame, and don’t have a boss telling me what to do all the time. Now, it’s up to me to work.. whenever I want, whatever I want and grows as much as I want. This flexibility in work has helped me to make more money than I ever thought I would, get more creative with my business and enjoy more free time with my friends and family.

So How Can I help you?

Well, this is the main reason I have created this blog! To help you build and grow your online business. Inside this blog, I will be sharing everything I do in my online business and inside you will be able to see what is working. I love to experiment with lots of different things as it helps me to grow, and you will see all that on this blog. I Hope you will learn from my success and failures, and If you do, it’s going to save YOU a lot of time and money later on, as you will be able to see the paths you need to take, for you to reach your goals.

What’s more here is a little gift I’ve made for you that’s going to help you launch a product the RIGHT WAY with all the essentials included, to ensure it’s a successful one. It also contains all the strategies that have proved to be so successful for myself and ALL the other successful marketers; I have worked alongside throughout multiple different product launches.

On top of it all, I am also going to share my Proven Price Points, Funnel Structures, JV Recruitment Strategies, and loads, LOADS more inside…

If you haven’t got started yet, or are struggling even to begin and want someone to help you get through the hurdles. I am right here and will be more than happy to help you kick-start your online business!

Comment on the blog, use the contact form below or send me a direct mail with your question and I will get back to you ASAP!

Click Here to Connect with me, and I would love to hear from you!

Is this whole online business too technical for you? Don’t worry; I have also created multiple Done For You Services, tailored just for you, which will cover everything from product creation all the way to creating and running a successful product launch!

You can just sit back, relax and enjoy, as my team and I do the ALL the work for you! Check out the Services Page and let us help you run your online business. Hands-Free.

And finally….

This blog is not about me, Its about you.

Everything you see on this blog is for you, so you can get to your goals in the fastest time possible, by cutting corners and learning from my mistakes… So you Don’t have too.

Don’t be shy to express yourself! I am open for any questions and comments and encourage you to add your suggestions and shares to my posts. Thank you for taking the time to read about me, and I hope to see you around.

Rohit Thakur