Start and grow your online business with 3 Simple Steps...

Starting an Online Business need not be complicated. All you need to know are things you need to do now and things to abstain from doing. Don’t try to build the business in a single day. Learn to SIMPLIFY, AUTOMATE & TRANSFORM your online business.

Learn the proven system I used To get rid of "information overload" and how I found my true passion to build an online business around it

I have built my business by helping others to build their online business using this 3-step process. It eliminates all the confusion and information overload you might have regarding starting an online business and gives you a clear picture of what to do and how.

Once you know exactly what needs to be done, you will move faster.

If you want to start an online business, Click on the link below and let me show you how it works.
Before join this AM challenge, There was lot of confusion in my mind, But Your valuable content helped me to figured it out. The strategies you explained in the course are very helpful, applying those strategies and getting results for that. Thanks Rohit for this wonderful opportunity.
Rohit is an awesome guy. The content he provides is short and full of information. This course was well set out. It is super easy to understand with challenging exercises at the end. I will highly recommend this to anyone who wants to upskill in Affiliate Marketing. I have overcome my fear of sharing content through short videos, thanks to Rohit.
Vaibhav Sherekar
Rohit is a dedicated coach and knows how to keep you on track throughout the course. At times when you are clueless about the next steps to be taken, he also organises 1on 1 interaction to guide you through. Overall I started my affiliate journey here.

Follow my "S.A.T. Process" To Start an online Business from scratch


A successful business is all about providing that what people want. Learn the simplest way to solve people's problem and get paid for them.


Once you know what your customers want, automate the process using tools, software and by hiring people. Build systems that work for you without you.


Look at the bigger picture, set bigger goals, and build your own network of highly successful Entrepreneurs. Learn how to work with high paying clients worldwide.

what if All that is told to you about starting an online business was wrong?

transform each day from browsing the internet and watching random videos to doing "income producing activities" Every Single day

Step By Step Training Videos to follow

Practical training videos will guide you from start to finish, guiding you at each and every step.

Action Steps, Resources & Templates

Daily action plan and resources that help you to implement the strategies in your business faster.

Members only Q&A Group Calls Every WEek

Group calls to clear all your doubts and answer your questions along with all the members of the group.

frequently asked questions

Everyone starts from scratch and gradually progresses as they keep learning and implementing things in their business. Here you will get the knowledge you need to succeed in online marketing and by using it you can gain experience and become an expert. 

All the training material is very simple and easy to understand even for a beginner.

It’s all right if you don’t know what you are good at and what you can sell. In the training, you will learn about the best business models for beginners that will help and guide you to start from scratch. 

The training is all about helping people like you to get started with their online business. In the process, you will learn to build your brand by helping others succeed.

Yes! I will teach you how to generate traffic, leads, and sales. Being good at generating organic traffic, I will teach you to generate organic traffic and send them to your offer using social media organic reach.

It’s not a quick-rich scheme. If you are looking for quick ways to make money, please don’t signup – this offer is not for you. Here we are talking about building and running, a long term online business. And this takes time. 

Though I will show you some powerful ways to generate sales, I recommend you try them only after you fully understand the process. Your success to generate sales will majorly depend on the efforts you put into learning the methods I teach and implement them on regular basis.

Yes, Of course! The whole purpose of the training is to help you get started with your online business. A lot of people are doing it working from home and you can do it too.

The answer is – Yes! you do need to invest your time and money to build a long term sustainable online business. Every business requires time and investment to start and grow. Online business requires it as well. 

If you:
– Do not want to work
– Do not want to spend time learning the methods
– Do not want to follow up and take daily action
– And are either not ready to invest or don’t have money to invest

Please do not signup.

Because this implies that you are not serious about starting your online business. If you would be, you will make time, and you will find the money to invest in your business – No Matter What.

If you are serious and ready to start your online business journey today, Click on the link below and get started!

Are you ready to kick start your online business starting from today?

I can’t wait to help you to start and grow your online business and achieve massive results! I’ve worked with a lot of people all around the globe – so I know this 3-Step Process will work for you.

If you’re ready to commit to start your online business in the next 30 days with my help, click on the button below to start right now.